Dairy Services

On Farm Advice

Our experienced mobile team can come to site and offer advice on all your milking machine requirements, the team are kept up to date with all the latest regulations for milking quality and milk cooling.

As Delaval Agents we offer only the best milking equipment and dairy solutions.

New Build

From rotary cow sheds to herringbone we offer the market leading solutions and latest technology based on your demand.

The teams experience and knowledge can also mean your shed is built to suit you and your needs to make your milking the easiest and most efficient experience possible.

Alterations & Upgrades

Herd gotten too big for your shed? Milk temperature not meeting the new guidelines? Or just after automatic cup removers to make your life easier? We offer the right solution for your shed alteration or upgrade.

Getting fines for coliforms? See the water treatment page on our site.

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Our team are all experienced in dairy shed maintenance. In order to keep your shed grade free, we are here to support you with service, knowledge and supplies. We offer Shed testing which should be done at least once a year.